The word DISEASE is


When you are Not @ Ease or comfortable you are dis_eased,.

Sowhen you are NOT at ease you are stressed.
What is STRESS ?

Itsis that you are Not comfortable in the present moment( on what is happening) & want to change it.You want to be away from the present Space & Time-from a “Here-Now” to a “There-then”.

So this Stress situation happens throughout life.When the buffer mechanism in you ( to manage Stress) is lost-you get the disease.

Remember the TRAFFIC SIGNAL : Green / Yellow / Red.

Green= Health

Yellow= symptoms of a disease early stage: example sleeplessness-stress- > BP etc

Red=Disease like a Heart attack; when the stress signals are not understood & reversed.

So try to be in the Green zone I yourlife ;avoiding Stress in any form.